About US

Who We Are

Elite Global Services – EGS  company created by world wide experienced and professional personnel coming from different expertise’s based on the needs of the people in need for employment as a result after the conflict in Balkan. We are socially and professionally responsible company that offers more than 50 years of experience in Logistics Civil Augmentation Program [LOGCAP] from its staff combined all together. Its expertise of Management Staff and its recruits accumulated experience since 1994 with LOGCAP II – Bosnia and Kosovo, LOGCAP III – Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Djibouti, LOGCAP IV – Afghanistan and Iraq.

Elite Global Services – EGS through the strategy will undertake responsibilities as a Direct Contractor or Sub-Contractor with the foreign agencies to support oversees when ever the mission requires in the following fields: Construction& Engineering, Labor, Operations and Maintenance, Procurement & Supply, Human Resources, Training and Development and other Support Administrative services available in the market today.

It was acknowledged that the development of this entity be best approached in conjunction with other experienced international partners for reasons of synergy efficiency, expertise and uniqueness. Thus, in all of its activities, Elite Global Services – EGS engages with its network of international and local partner organizations and the local community, in the development and delivery of its products and services. Elite Global Services – EGS provides integrated services for the foreign companies in the process of selection, interviewing the interested individuals for employmen